FAQ a.k.a the list of noes ;)

Do you sell kits (or adult ferrets)?

No. Although I have always bred primarily for myself and not to sell, I have sold kits during previous years (1989-2004) simply due to the fact that I couldn't keep all of them. However, these days I breed very little and not more than I can keep. On a very rare occasion I might make an exception for a close friend.

Do you lend out hobs?

No. Like with the selling of kits this is something that I used to do but no longer does. And again, there could be the very rare exception for a close friend or a very special occasion.

Do you show?

No, but I did actually attend a few shows during my first three years with ferrets. I even did very well but soon realized that showing is not really my cup of tea.

Are you affiliated with any other breeders?

No. I've had (and still have) many breeder friends over the years but I have always run a completely separate and private breeding program not associated with other breeder's programs.

Are there any other breeders keeping/breeding your lines?

No, not really. Only I have my line ;). There is currently no-one breeding a ferret obtained directly from my ferretry. Since I have sold ferrets which have been used in breeding there are lines that are mixed with mine, but with the exception of one, all of them are heavily mixed with other lines, often quite far from my own selective criteria.

Are your ferrets black self coloured?

No. Different countries use different terminology for colours, but the black self in European terms typically refers to the hypermelanistic variant originating from primarily Germany. This type of colour is something altogether different from what I have. My ferrets are best described as polecat coloured, within the natural range of the wild European polecat. They have the natural (original) dark colour with fully pigmented noses and a warm reddish-brown tone. They have the full natural white on the ears and around the nose but are devoid of any extra white markings and don't carry the genes for albino. I have never bred any other colour, although the ferrets I first started out with were a lighter shade of polecat/sable colour.

Are your lines imports?

No, they are all Swedish.