Marie's Ferrets

Hello! I have not updated this website for many years, but I'm keeping the site running since it contains quite a lot of photos (all copyright protected) and info from my earlier years with the ferrets.

Please note that I don't sell ferrets.

The 65 m2 outdoor enclosure.

Larven, August 2012

Saga 10 years!

Chandra, Aug 2012


Saijin 10 years!

March 2012

Merry Christmas 2011

Winter has arrived,
Dec 2011

ECE, Swedish article
artikel på svenska

The new nest area

The inner enclosure

Summer 2011

Mim, 10 years old!

ECE update, pics Aura & Tindra


Aska & Tephra

Larven, Jan 20, 2011

Chandra 18 weeks

The ferret room

Christmas presents

Christmas Greetings 2010

Chandra, Cindra, Aska, Tephra up to 83 days old

Larven, first snow

Aura, Tindra & Saga Oct 30-31

Chandra. Cindra. Tephra & Aska

A devastating enteritis has struck our home. Updated Oct 30.

Rabbit in the enclosure.

Tindra's litter Updated Oct 15, new pic.

R.I.P. Darius

R.I.P. Disa

Disa's memorial drawing

Constructing the new pond, June 2010

Spring, 2010.

April 12, 2010, Svarta has passed away at 14 years of age.

February 2010

-20C/-4F Dec 18, 2009

The Art Gallery
Updated Nov 22 2010

Preparing for winter

Summer days in August

Tooth development

The oldsters, summer 2009. Svarta is now 13 years old!

Lots of snow in February, 2009.

September 2008. "Back to nature" with Serafin.

Magnificent coats in October, 2007.

July 2008. The ferrets caught their second magpie for the summer!

2007. Magpie is on the menu again!

2005. Some of the ferrets.

Are you looking for Trixie's lineage? Trixie was my very first ferret and I've bred a long line down from her, from 1988 to present. An old version up till 2004, not up to date, can be viewed here. Current data (up till 2004) can be found at Feritage.

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