SVARTA 1996 ~ 2010


Svarta was born in 1996 in Scania Wildlife Park (Skånes Djurpark). She was sold the following year and then rehomed again to Daniel L. (Glädjen's Ferretry), where she had two litters in 1999 and was also registered in STIF, # 99/047.

I first met Svarta in 2000 when she visited my ferretry to be bred by one of my hobs. I was told already before she arrived that this was a jill I was going to like, and that was certainly true! She was very beautiful with prominent wildtyped features, a slender but muscular build, full pigmentation and glossy coat. She was impressively athletic, agile and intelligent. An excellent combination to my own wildtyped line.

Unfortunately, Svarta wasn't particularly interested in our breeding plans, and the hob just barely managed to breed her. The disappointing result was a single kit which Svarta rejected after birth. Svarta was 4 years old now, and Daniel decided to retire her from his breeding program.

Since I had become quite attached to Svarta during her visit with us I was thrilled to give her a new home. In 2002, two years later, she was 6 years old but still looked like a young jill. She was bred to my Benjamin, and after one failed attempt she successfully delivered a small litter of two kits, one of which became the next stepping stone in my line.

Svarta was spayed in 2004 when she was 8 years old. She lived another 6 active and healthy years until she passed away, April 12, 2010, due to pneumonia, probably brought on by her aging and weakening immune system.

Svarta 4 years old in summer coat:

11 years old in winter coat:

13 years old in summer coat:

Her final resting place: