Tindra's litter


Tindra gave birth to a litter of 4 jills on September 10. Darius, who tragically passed away just 5 days earlier, is the father.

Tindra, like the others, was badly affected by the enteritis and was still, at the time of the delivery, far from well. I'm trying my best to nurse her through her illness while she's also coping with the added stress of her litter.

Update Oct 11.
The kits are doing very well! Tindra has now been on prednisolone for 11 days which has increased her appetite and her ability to digest food and absorb nutrients. As a result she has gained a bit of very much needed weight and is still slim but no longer skinny and bony. However, her terrible diarreah persists and is not responding to any treatment that we've tried. The fact that she's gaining weight is a good step in the right direction, though, even if we don't get rid of the diarreah. Tindra is also on profylactic antibiotics and sucralfate.

Update Sept 30.
Things are continuing as before. Tindra has what can now be described as viral induced IBD and is partially eating on her own and partially syringe fed. She cannot maintain her weight without the syringe feedings and supportive care. The kits have now started to eat solid food.

Update Sept 18.
The kits are now 8 days old and doing well so far. Tindra has been battling severe diarreah most of the time. She's lost a tremendous amount of weight due to the enteritis (already before the delivery of her kits) and is still very much underweight since her damaged intestines has a limited capability to absorb nutrients. She's also showing symptoms of gastric ulcers. She's gained a little bit of weight though. She's syringe fed a special mixture several times a day and is receiveing additional supportive medical care as needed. She's eating a small amount on her own each day but has trouble digesting it. To take some of the stress off Tindra I'm supplementing the kits with a bit of milk replacement.

More pics of the kits as they grow are available here.

35 days old. Their eyes are now fully open and the kits have been named:
Chandra, Cindra, Tephra and Aska.

25 days old:

18 days old:

A few hours old: